We Are PHOCO Films

PHOCO Films is a Colorado-based team of videographers with an emphasis on wedding videography. PHOCO Films is a branch company of the larger entity PHOCO – Photo, Video, Design.

We are a Colorado based team of videographers who love the art of film and design. We love seeing what art can do to improve your business! Whether it is documenting your next business conference, creating you a commercial, or shooting a video intro to your website, PHOCO Films has the tools and expertise to bring your ideas to life!

Let PHOCO Films capture your wedding day with our highly trained team of videographers and video editors to ensure that your special day lasts a lifetime, with one of our wedding highlight reels! Contact us today to see what PHOCO Films can do for you!

Meet the team

  • Patrick Edmiston

    Photography Protagonist

    Patrick Edmiston started PHOCO back in late 2011. After discovering his love for art and photography, he decided to pursue it and he hasn’t looked back ever since.

  • Emily Lewis

    Design Diva

    Don’t let this “Diva” fool you! She brings PHOCO’s marketing and design to a whole new level. A transplant from Arkansas, Emily has worked full time for PHOCO since graduating from Colorado State University!

  • Shaye Fitzgerald

    Photo Wizard

    Shaye’s interest in photography struck young, and she has been the photo editor for PHOCO since 2011. Assisting on photo shoots over the last 3 years, she is now booking and shooting her own sessions as part of PHOCO.

  • Hudson Bloom

    Director - Producer

    The latest, and possibly greatest addition to the PHOCO team! Hudson brings an energy and charisma to all the video and web-design projects for PHOCO. Hudson has producing video and films for the past 7 years and is light years above his peers.

  • Jamison Coe

    Video Producer - Editor

    Jamison is a Senior at Rocky Mountain High School and will be going to university as a film major next fall. He has been producing video and film for 8 years and loves creating awesome new content, from VFX pieces to small personal narratives.

  • Ian Smith

    Graphic Designer

    Another new addition to the team! Ian graduated from Colorado State University with a BFA in Graphic Design. He is curious about colors, subtlety, intelligence, and advancing ideas in visual communication.